Happy Birthday Abram Khan: Five adorable moments when SRK’s little Manchakin won our hearts with his beautiful wit

Today, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s youngest son, Abram Khan, is celebrating his birthday at home, in a seven-year-old and nationwide lockout. Abram was a blessing for SRK and Gauri Khan, who conceived in 2013 through surrogacy.

Not only did Abram like his parents Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, he also liked his elder brothers Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan. Before Saif and Kareena’s baby Taimur, he was a star kid who created a storm on the internet. Abram is known for making buzz with his clever wit and adorable smile.

Abram KhanInstagram

Every year Shah Rukh and Gauri had a great birthday party for their little Munchin, it looks like Abram will have to settle for an internal birthday bash this year, which will surely be full of love. He turns years old today, let us take you on a journey full of adorable moments of Abram Khan.

1. Happy New Year drum-dead ‘adorable’ Camo Abram

Happy Birthday Abram Khan

King Khan of Bollywood kept his young child away from the media’s favorite eyes whenever he was born just to make a great appearance for the first time. That was in 2014 when SRK’s multi-starrer Abram came on the big screen at the end of Happy New Year.

Through his adorable cameo, Abram aroused everyone to his love. Donating casual attire and meeting her father Shah Rukh Khan twice, Abram forced us to fall in love.

Happy Birthday Abram Khan

Watch the video here:

2. SRK and Abram, murder in IPL

Happy Birthday Abram Khan

Ever since Abram was born, he has met his father wherever he went. In addition to interviews and public events, it has also been made clear to Abram that he has cheered for his father’s IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders in several games.

Although the main focus of the cameras during the match must be on the field, especially when focusing the camera on the guests and King and his youngest son Abram must be a part of that list.

Happy Birthday Abram Khan

This father-son duo just loves each other and shows it until SRK holds Abram in his hand and plays with water on the field. During the match, Abram was always seen shaking his father’s sweetheart, and he even swayed and kissed Joy in his arms.

3. Little Abram is pulling with the big wedding

Shah Rukh and Abram never failed to give us the moments of our father’s son, the picture of Abram seen with Big Wedding also caused a disaster on social media platforms. Abram loves Amitabh Bachchan so much that he really thinks he is his grandfather.

Happy Birthday Abram Khan

On Aradhya Bachchan’s birthday, Big B shared on social media about his beautiful face with Abram, saying, “… and this is Shah Rukh’s little Abram … who thinks, believes and without any doubt convinced that I am his father’s father … and wonder why Shah Rukh’s father doesn’t live with him! “

In fact, in an old Twitter conversation, SRK further revealed that Abram thinks Big B is his grandmother grand “thank you sir. He is always cherished at the moment. However, when he sees you on TV you think he is my ‘daddy’.”

4. Arya, Suhana and Abram: This ‘Khan’ is a strong brotherhood

Shah Rukh Khan, Suhana Khan

Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan with brothers Aryan and AbramInstagram

Abram is highly cherished by his older siblings Suhana and Aryan. Suhana and Aryan have been seen spending quality time with Abram on various occasions.

Happy Birthday Abram Khan

The SRK and Gauri Khan children share a special bond until their brother is held upside down and posed on a beach island.

Suhana Khan's birthday

5. Abram’s intelligent cameo in the song SRK Kovid-19

Happy Birthday Abram Khan

Shah Rukh Khan recently joined many Indian celebrities in the film community for the ‘I for India’ Fundraiser Concert, directed and directed by Karan Johar and Zoya Akhtar. Where many stars have showcased their talents, entertained fans and talked about Covid-19, Bollywood’s King Khan, SRK has made a great entry in his rock and roll incarnation. He performed a song ‘Sab Sahi Ho Jaga’ and spread awareness and positivity in the epidemic.

The song was not only informative but also very adorable to handle as little Abram decided to make a beautiful cameo in it. Abram is seen dancing and singing with his father. For the first time since ‘Happy New Year’, we are drawing a father-son duo on the same song. Towards the end he says, “Enough daddy now!” And it’s so beautiful to miss.

International Business Times, India Wishes Abram Khan a Happy Birthday.

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