Happy Birthday Madhavan: 5 Unforgettable Characters That The Actor Performed In Perfection

And Madhavan is one of the more informed actors we have today. He made us cry and laugh, sometimes through his role at the same time. It’s the actor’s birthday today, and as he turns 50, fans remember some of his best work.

See here the unforgettable characters that he gave us. Everyone can have a choice, no doubt, he has given us plenty to enjoy, yet, there are some roles that are universal.


5 The unforgettable character Madhavan has played fine

Madhavan is one of the most successful crossover artists to move smoothly between Hindi and Southern cinema. Many actors have tried to move between the two industries but can take firm steps in one. For Madhavan, boundaries are limitless, language is neither an obstacle nor culture for him.

Today she is 50 years old, and she has given us roles that we have thoroughly enjoyed. He can play the chocolate boy characters better than most actors claim, he can refrain from the role of angry men when he needs to be passionate about others. There’s something he can’t do, the real question here.

Here are just five of the hats he has donated across Bollywood and Tamil cinema, but these 5 are the only ones you can’t shake:

# 1 Kartik Alaipuhehe (2000)

Ajith, Madhavan's mutual choice expressed

20 years in Alaiputhe.PR handout

Alaiputhehe is a film that explores modern love, class division and love against all adversity. It has even got a remake in Hindi under the name Sathya. However, it is Madhavan’s Karthik that has a lot to do with you after the film, starring a relationship-rich boy with a heart who is willing to give it all up for love.

Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mete (2001) # 2 Madhav

Rehna hai tere dil mehe

Rehna Hai Tere Dil May got a cult among the youth. Why should there be any doubt here? There is something that tells one that Madhavan was always able to choose a role that is relatable, if they look inwards anything can happen. We love the rivalry, the face to face between Madhavan and Saif Ali Khan is glorious.

# 3 Anbe Sivame Anbarsu (2002)

Anne Sivam


You want a masterclass watch Annie Sivam, the reef off game between Kamal Hasan and Madhavan is brilliant. Madhavan’s Anbarsu is full of wisdom and charm. Not surprisingly, the film has been acclaimed and approved across the board.

# 4 in Farhan 3 Idiots (2009)

Aamir Khan

3 StupidFacebook / 3 Idiots Movie

Farhan Qureshi is one of them. We will wait as you try to find more desirable and consensual characters throughout the generation. No doubt the three fools were relative, but everyone felt Farhan’s struggle to follow his dream, thanking Madhavan for not playing any swearing.

Tanu Wades Manute # 5 Manu (2011)

Tanu Wades Manu

In Tanu Wads Manu your mind went to Manu, Tanu was caught in the frenzy of the storm. Madhavan’s Manu is a character that you can’t hate even if you are hesitant.

Of course Madhavan has more roles and everyone has a choice, but these really made us question a trope, but what is a ‘hero’?

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