How did Vietnam manage to survive even a coronavirus death?

How did Vietnam avoid the death of a coronavirus in its 97 million people without a resource-poor country or an improved healthcare system?

Simple, say medical authorities, it worked first and fast. Vietnam Ignore China And the World Health Organization’s initial insistence that no evidence of human-to-human transmission be found and that rapid steps such as strict segregation be established, and that its first case be identified before contact is sought, CNN reported.

“We were not just waiting for the WHO to direct us. We have decided to take immediate action using the information we have gathered from outside and inside (within the country), ”said Fam Kwang Thai, deputy head of the National Health and Epidemiology Infection Control Department in Hanover.

Temperature screening was carried out at the airport’s airport in early January for passengers arriving from Ohan, China. Just a week or so later, government officials put in place stricter medical quarantine regulations at border gates, seaports and airports.

The first coronavirus case in Vietnam was not reported until January 23, but by then the country was ready.

Vietnam Announced On February 1, there were six confirmed cases of the disease in a national epidemic. All flights between Vietnam and China were suspended and visas for Chinese nationals were suspended the next day.

Vietnam Lifting Social distance rules After a three-week shutdown in late April but no local infection has been reported More than 40 days. There are businesses and schools Reopened, And life is slowly resuming its normal pace.

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