How Eugenie Bouchard fights her online haters

Eugene Bouchard may have 2.1 million Instagram followers – and that’s not always a good thing.

The Canadian tennis star recently said “there are a lot of positive results out there.” Told CNN. “And I understand that everyone has hatred.”

The 26-year-old tennis player, who has become a social media outlet over the years, has learned to deal with the term, calling it a “waste of time” centered on negative comments.

“Try to take it as the opposite compliment and realize that it has someone who may have a problem of their own or average or negative and you shouldn’t think about someone like that,” Bouchard said. “You shouldn’t have to worry about your opinion, so I really try to take a step back from this and try not to take it personally.”

Bouchard’s on-court form has stumbled since 2014 after being a semi-finalist at the Australian and French Open before falling to Petra Cavitova in the Wimbledon final. He is currently ranked 332nd in the world.

Bouchard is spending time online during the Carnavirus lockdown, where in March he flooded his dating resume with the message that “marriage will be more fun with a friend”.

“My agent just informed me you guys need to stop sending‘ dating resumes ’to my bio eLL email,” he said at the time.

bouchard Recently gone on a virtual date Comedian Bob Menari, Who has donated charitable money In exchange for that quality time, according to CNN.

Last week, Bouchard’s All-In Challenge closed at 85 85,000, with the winner having the opportunity to go to a tennis tournament with a guest in addition to having the opportunity to dine with the athlete.

85K?!?!? You guys are amazing !!! I am grateful and proud of all of you for joining me in this project. I can’t wait to meet the winner! ” He posted on Instagram.

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