How the Pennsylvania Republican coronavirus test divides the state legislature

“On Monday, May 17th, I was tested for COVID-19 and on Wednesday, May 20th, I was informed that my test returned positive. My last day was Thursday the 14th, Thursday. “

He then explained that he had waited A whole week This information is “out of respect for my family and reveals what I was able to reveal” to go public.


So, out of respect for the fact that he could be infected with the coronavirus for his family and people, he decided not to broadcast what he had contracted Kovid-19? Oh, that’s not how it works.

Which point did Pennsylvania House Democratic leader Frank DeRoody make after learning Wednesday about Lewis’ diagnosis?

“We should have known sooner how House members and staff work together in the capital,” Dermody said. “In the last two weeks alone, there has been a six-day vote session in the Capitol, and more than 15 separate meetings of House committees have voted on dozens of bills. Each meeting of members who traveled to the Capital in person has raised the risk of potential exposure.”

Lewis added that he followed the Workplace Exposure Guidelines for Disease Control and Prevention to determine who was exposed, saying, “All members or staff members who met the exposure criteria were contacted immediately and needed to self-isolate. I can confirm that for 14 days from the date of their possible exposure.

But if Dermody says the House Democrats have not been notified – and they all share the same space – how is that possible?

Because here’s what we know about coronavirus: It’s a pretty good spreader. On average, whoever has it It gives twice as much to the other person.

And here we know one more thing about coronavirus: Infectious infections are possible. This means that people can get the virus well before they feel sick themselves – and pass it on to others.

So, it is incumbent upon all of us to know when and if we start to feel sick with things like fatigue, fever and cough – or feel the way we talk to them intimately – we make sure we are not just self-isolated, but It does the same thing as exchanging views with someone. And it’s also important – because of the contagiousness and asymptomatic infection – that you spread the net of who can be infected more than the narrow ones.

Ask yourself this: Would it hurt to tell Lewis every member of the State House – even the State Senate, that he knew he had tested positive for the carnivirus? Of course, more people were needed to test it. And that may be of some concern to people who thought they were exposed. But if they actually have the virus, wouldn’t it be better to stop testing to treat them?

That’s a bad question. Because the answer is “yes”.

Lewis was apparently offended by his House Republican colleagues – what he did was act selfishly in a situation where selflessness was the answer. The only way we can kill the coronavirus – or at least prevent it from becoming a second wave of the virus is by realizing that we are all actually together.

Republicans and Democrats get this virus. And can give to each other.

By having a clear understanding of how we can win, more information is better than less information

Unfortunately, what happened in Pennsylvania seems to be an example of doing the exact opposite.

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