Human remains have been found at the home of Laurie Vallo’s husband, Chad Dabel

Authorities said Tuesday that human remains were found at Lori Vallo’s husband’s home, and authorities are working to determine if they include the two missing children of the resurrection-mad mother, authorities said Tuesday.

Gary Hagen, assistant chief of police at Rexburg, told reporters at a brief press conference in Idaho just hours after the execution, “Detectives and investigators have identified what was identified as a human body during the entire investigation.” Chad Dabel’s house

“Chad Debel, who lives in that house [where the remains were found] He has also been taken into custody for questioning. ”

Hagen declined to answer any questions about the remains and said an update would be released as soon as more information was available.

Dabel and Vallo have been under police investigation since November, and investigators have not seen Vallo’s two children, 1-year-old Tiley Ryan and year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallo, since September.

Police claim that Debbie and Vallo both lied about the children’s whereabouts and fled to Hawaii without them.

Friends say Vallo was involved in a doomsday proverb that could be related to his missing children, he was arrested in February on charges of deserving his children and pleaded not guilty. He is in custody.

Laurie Vallo and Chad Debel
Laurie Vallo and Chad DebelRexburg PD

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