Husband and wife executed by firing squad trying to flee North Korea

A married couple in North Korea were shot dead after trying to flee with their 14-year-old nephew, a report said.

Husband and wife in China’s nearby Ryungang Province were trying to escape earlier this month after isolating the country’s hardened coronavirus, Sources told Radio Free Asia.

The couple, believed to be in their fifties, were believed to be trying to bring their teenage niece back to her parents in South Korea, the report said.

“The boy’s father, who fled to South Korea, told his sister to bring his son to him,” a resident of Ryanggang, who asked not to be named, told the outlet.

However, the source said that the country’s quarantine measures have strengthened border security, making the escape attempt a “very dangerous and risky act”.

The couple was tortured into admitting their escape plan and executed by the firing squad, and their nephew was saved because of his age, the report said.

“The top leadership has ordered that those who want to flee the country during emergencies should be severely punished. There was no way they could have avoided the firing squad because they were trying to blame South Korea, “the source said.

Another resident of Riangang confirmed that word of mouth had spread around the area.

The second source said, “People are angry with the authorities as soon as they hear this shocking news, saying there is nothing wrong with trying to flee North Korea, especially when the coronavirus crisis is so difficult to end,” the second source said.

The North Korean report suggested that the coronavirus crisis was under control, but experts expressed skepticism and speculated that Kim Jong Un was hiding from public life to avoid being infected with the virus.

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