‘I’m at risk’: Toddler removes Delhi’s HCT over unbalanced test ban

He claimed that he was at considerable risk as he was a working member of the family and had appealed to the Delhi High Court against the city government’s decision to bar two-year-old boy Kovid-19 from examining asymptomatic patients.

“The applicant is a minor boy (2 years old) who lives in a joint family consisting of working members / working members who will start working in the regular office as per the ‘Unlockdown’ announced by the Delhi Government. Similar to other juvenile minors and other Delhi Residents are at considerable risk of contacting Kovid-19 through these members on behalf of the petitioner due to the ban on removing the movement, ”said the petition filed by the son through his father.

In a petition filed through advocates Arjun Sial and Bidisha Gupta, the petitioner said: “However, the situation has worsened due to the closure of incomplete cases, lack of necessary healthcare such as hospital beds and ventilators.”

People stranded in Hyderabad due to ongoing nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of carnivirus have reached Secunderabad Junction railway station on May 13, 2020 to return home on special trains operated by Indian Railways. (Photo: bdnews24.com)

A division bench comprising Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Pritik Jalan was scheduled to hear the case on Wednesday.

Incomplete person testing is being discontinued

The petition further claims that the refusal to examine the incomplete case is a complete deviation from the examination criteria / guidelines issued by the Medical Research Council of India from time to time.

“The above test is an unconventional measure of harming VG-A-VIS asymptomatic COVID-19 patients arbitrarily, mechanically and yet without mindfulness, and has already been mechanically passed without confirmation of the cascading effect on the growing epidemic in the state.”

It said the government’s decision to lift the ban on the movement of asymptomatic patients was “contradictory”.

Asymptomatic coronavirus patients will be sent home to Mumbai

Asymptomatic coronavirus is testing patientsBdnews24.com

The petitioner claims that asymptomatic patients are highly contagious and can greatly contaminate the environment in a very short time and, moreover, are essentially carriers of the disease.

“While adequate medical care can be provided by quarantining a patient with symptoms, it is an incomplete category that can inadvertently spread to minors, senior citizens and other high-risk people, seriously damaging their health and putting their lives at risk.” Situation, ”the petitioner said.

The petitioner submitted that testing of incomplete patients would help in identification of suspected Covid-19 positive patients and further preventive measures with the help of the concerned authorities to help combat it and thus help prevent further spread of Covid-19 in Delhi.

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