‘I’m glad they liked my audition and chose me to be a part of’ Axon ‘: Sayani Gupta (Exclusive)

Plot two more shots after the success of the season! Sayani’s secret is back in a film called Axon which is told through racist orthodoxy and superstition and starvation and food.

Axon (pronounced ‘akhuni’ is a Hindi film named after the cement stamp used in some parts of eastern India is simple and famous for its pungent odor), which was aired on Netflix. The film is based on a group of friends from Northeast India where Sayani plays the role of a friend of the Nepalese people of Manipur.

All friends take the best steps to create their main container (axon) to celebrate a friend’s wedding. The film touches on a very important issue of racism and barbarism in a subtle way. Directed by Nicholas Kharkango, the film was screened at the Mumbai Film Festival (MAMI) in 2019, and also took part in festivals outside the country.

Sayani Gupta

Sayani Gupta in an exclusive interview with International Business Times India Talking about his reasons for making the film ‘Axon’, he mainly enjoyed shooting with North-East India and many more actors.

Interview parts:

Why did he do the film ‘Axon’?

Initially, I was scared to accept it because I was entering into something that was very different from me. Northeast films are not yet on the national stage. But Exxon mainstream pictures. I thought the script was very authentic and very funny. Humor is a great way to change the mind, and if someone talks about something serious through humor or jokes, it makes a bigger impression and continues to mold more hearts. This is a very powerful tool, I feel.

Ipping a theatrical release in a film on such an important subject

The film was made in 2019 and toured film festivals before it aired on Netflix. There was talk of showing the film in northeastern India as well, but the idea was dropped due to CAA protests. We were going to release the movie in theaters in April 2020, but because of COVID-19, the movie has gone straight to digital.

In preparation he did ace the dialect

In the film, I play a Nepali character from Manipur. It was tough to play and I had to work very hard to get the hang of it and ace the dialect and slander. Thanks, my friend who is a Nepali he helped me a lot, we did a detailed work with dialects and slander, in fact I added a lot of abuse myself, and then the hairstylist Maria was my dialect coach at the sets.

Off-screen ties with actors from Northeast India

Most of Axon’s cast and crew are probably 98 percent northeast. Binoy Pathak, Dolly Ahluwalia and Rohan Joshi who did not come from the region only played the role of North Indians in the film. For me, I know they considered other actors from the Northeast. It just so happened that they liked my audition. We were all very friendly on the sets and became friends.

Cooking dish axon


We were shooting in a northeastern region of Humayunpur (Delhi), where most of the people were from the northeast. We cooked the dish axon in a few days. The dish smells and at the end of the day, I start smelling the axon. So axon is a flavor enhancer similar to soybean. I also ate a lot of this dish while shooting and toured the surrounding areas.

Is Four Shots Season 3 running!

Shooting for our new season was supposed to start between March 15 and then March 31, but then the lockdown continued to grow so we are not sure when we will start shooting.

Watch Axon’s trailer below:

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