In Los Angeles, beauty Sharma prepares delicious food for Eid

Epidemics and lockdowns have limited gatherings and have been celebrated this year. Yet, whether it’s a birthday or a celebration, people are looking for their own ways to keep the spirit of celebration alive.

Bollywood celebrities are moving towards the celebration by helping to guide the fans towards the celebration. Even beauty Sharma is celebrating Eid far away from home.

Saurya Sharma celebrates Eid in LA

Actress Soundarya Sharma spread the joy by cooking Eid The Delicious for her friends who are stuck here. “I thought about my friends who are stuck here and can’t celebrate Eid with their families or even cook home-made meals. So I decided to send them a variety of things to prepare,” he said.


Her menu includes everything from snacks to desserts has “I also made Dahi Bhada, Pashto Jorda Pulao and decorated it with saffron and rose water to taste, Kili Kudu and Double Ka Mitha which is a sweet,” the Bollywood actress said.

Beauty Sharma

INS photo

Whether making videos in DIY masks or distributing necessities to the needy or leaving her seat on a repatriation flight, Beauty continues to do what she can in this difficult time. Hopefully, once the crisis is over, the celebrations will still hold their significance and significance for so long.

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