In quarantine, husband and wife are fleeing with their boyfriend in Madhya Pradesh

The 4-year-old wife of an isolated expatriate worker is fleeing with her boyfriend in a strange incident in Chhatrapur district of Madhya Pradesh. The man has lodged a complaint in the incident and police officials have documented the missing person’s report. The woman is the mother of three children


A mother of three with her boyfriend

The 50-year-old immigrant reportedly returned to the village of Manderi on May 19. The man is working in construction in Delhi and was at home with his family about a year and a half ago when his wife was at home. Children.

After the lockdown stopped the man’s work, he returned home on a special labor train, and when his wife left on her way with her boyfriend, he had to stay for 14 days apart.

The man isolated himself on the first floor of his house and his wife lived downstairs with the children. On May 24, he woke up and found his house locked from the outside, referring to the man in his complaint, and when he got out, the man found his wife somewhere and the children had no idea.

Despite being in quarantine, the helpless man covered his face under the shawl and went to the neighborhood to find out about his wife. He went from house to house knocking on the door of his relatives and acquaintances to inquire about his wife’s disappearance.

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