In the midst of chaos, people rent RVs for safe adventures for fun

Meet some happy campers.

Sales professional Bennett Prescott, 3, and her family, usually from Wallingford, the bride spends the summer a long time away from their home. Got off last year, the couple, including newborn Jacob, stopped at Fire Island in NY; Oregon; Italy and Norway.

Yet after the coronavirus became at risk for the third month in a row and protests erupted across the country, a mobile retreat in rural America seems to be escaping the norm. So in May, Prescott and the prison owner booked a 32-foot-long RV from rent through the list RVShare. On Saturday they packed camping gear, cooking supplies, their bikes and puppy Edison into the wheels of their new home – a Class A 2015 Thor Motor Coach S30.2 – and headed west.

“I’m much happier on this tour, where we have a lot of hassles and goals and beautiful places to stay,” Prescott said, avoiding stops in the big cities because of the riots in response to George. Flinyad died last week at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. To prevent virus infection, the family wears a mask and stays away from others, this family has a flexible itinerary. “We’re going to plan to go. It’s exciting.

Akin in protected bubbles, RVs allow easy movement while maintaining conditions such as social-distance and segregation. According to the RV Industry Association and the American Campgrounds (KOA), their temptation during epidemics and civil unrest is undeniable: RV rents have risen one thousand percent since April, RV sales have grown 60,000 percent over the same period. More than 25 million Americans will go to Irving this summer, the agency estimates, further proving that 80 percent of recent buyers are first-time owners.

In fact, the six-week long trip to Prescott and Prison – a route that would take Ore to the prison family at Rakaway Beach and stop at the Grand Canyon via California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and Georgia – to stop at Utah’s Arches National Park. The first marks the enthusiasm. Greengal Winery in Cortland, Ohio was quiet with a joy for their first night stay. “There’s no one here across the 60 acres,” Presscott said.

Prescott and Jel have experience backpacking and car camping, they were still getting used to handling their somewhat “nasty” RV rentals, which proved to be “bouncy and loud” during the five-hour stretch on the highway. “It’s a good time to park,” Prescott joked. “It’s a great morning. You go to bed in your little room, get the dog out, make coffee. It’s really nice.”

“We expect RVs to continue to gain traction as a preferred way to travel at a time when customers are looking for flexible options and unique ways to experience overseas,” said John Gray, CEO of RV Sharer. “Fare prices – comparable to other popular companies. Cruise America And Outer – Usually প 50 to 100 100 per night for a pop-up trailer and পারে 175 to 5 275 per night for vehicles in class like Prescott.

Meanwhile, Jenin Petit (, 0) has formed a camp with her family and hopes to evoke the same emotions as her husband Rick, 66. “That’s not what happened,” Princeton jokes with NJ-based Empty Nestor, although Rick occasionally meets him on his travels. So, in 2007, Petit started organizing trips for single women, founding the website And advice-based blogging Go to Irving.

Jenin and Rick Petit.
Jenin and Rick Petit.New York Post / Tamara Beckwith

Petit is touring the 2012 19-Foot Off-Road Max Teardrop trailer for a weekend trip to Extreme Outdoors in Pokনmon, Jersey Shore, or Camp Taylor, Columbia, NJ. And he’s looking forward to driving to Kenebankport in Maine in August – always wearing his mask in public and cleaning his hands often. The Petpit notes and its “small house on wheels” are self-contained with full beds, kitchens, toilets and showers – the campground spots have separate spaces at a safe distance.

It was an epiphany about the national park in Yellowstone, standing in front of the waterfall: “They’re for you all, whether you’re in class or in the van.” He further added that the equivalent power of the huge outdoor can provide comfort in turbulent times.

“Irving and camping are going to be a route that is so important to people until they find their way to our country. People need to be stressed and get out of nature. Familiar. “While you’re out, you can shorten and restore. Nature takes you out of the abyss. “

Aspiring to road-tripping, beware: many camp areas are shutting down or operating at a limited capacity in response to the coronavirus, with reservations rapidly filling up. The increased demand for RVs is making it harder to protect them. Petit advises planning in advance or being prepared to push if last-minute cancellations are raised.

You don’t have to worry about renting, though, if you have bought your own home with wheels. Entrepreneur Jesse Itzler, 51, and his wife Sarah Blackley, 49, founder and CEO of Spanex, caught the RV bug last year. With their four children, all under the age of 10, they set up camp across Idaho, Wyoming and Montana and went to the park parks along the way. “I like to be outside,” Itzler says. “You can pull up and jump into a water hole at any time. It’s a great way to include family and see the country with the freedom to create your own timeline. “

So in April, the Italians took the plunge and bought a 35 ft 2020 Thor Magnitude Super C class for their summer trip from their Atlanta home. That month they moved to Florida with Clearwater Beach, St. Augustine and Savannah, Ga Stop. With their children still away from school, Itzler described their trip as “one-part home school, one-part ‘Bill & Ted’s great adventurer.’ And a part summer camp.” Plans to run as far west as Michigan and Montana.

The Itzler, who grew up in New York without driving experience, also had to face the less glamorous underbelly of the car: power, septic system and water tank. “I don’t do easy work, but the learning curve is a fun part,” he admits.

“We’ve contacted friends and encouraged them to rent an RV this summer and meet with us,” says Itzler. I love this right. But Irving is literally like a holiday home on wheels. Home is where you park. There are parties wherever you park. “

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