In the next film, Shah Rukh Khan has created controversy by playing the role of Tipu Sultan The truth is here

The expectation of seeing Shah Rukh Khan onscreen again has increased so much that a fan art featuring King Khan in the role of Tipu Sultan was published online a few days ago. Since then, the film has been made on social media at various stages, which has now prompted some users to boycott Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film.


It is said that Shah Rukh Khan was in talks to play the lead role of Tipu Sultan. The poster bears the name of Shir-i-Mysore, Tippu Sultan, and a small note below it, ‘India’s first freedom fighter’.

A member of a right-wing group shared the viral poster on Facebook and demanded a complete ban on Shah Rukh Khan’s pictures.

Shah Rukh Khan, Tipu SultanFacebook

“Do you recognize? You must have heard the name Tipu Sultan? It is unfortunate that movies in India are built on those who plundered and are portrayed as great warriors. He who neglected millions of Hindus, neglected thousands of temples is being portrayed today as one As the protagonist, the actor chosen for the character has been carefully chosen because he has the same ‘jihadi’ mentality. We were persecuted but the perpetrators of all persecutions have become the heroes of this country today. Wow, you kill, boycott, boycott, boycott the Bollywood sluts. Raise your voice for solidarity, “Read the post (translated from Hindi)

And there were several other people on Twitter who called for a boycott of the Tipu Sultan film starring Shah Rukh Khan.


Shah Rukh Khan, Tipu Sultan

Shah Rukh Khan, Tipu SultanTwitter

After investigating the matter, the International Business Times of India learned that no film was being made after Tipu Sultan and Shah Rukh Khan were involved. If you look closely at the viral poster, the title of ‘Tippu’ was misspelled with a double ‘P’ in the title. Also, there is no mention of credit to the cast or crew of the film.

Boom Live has confirmed the same thing through its own investigation.

The film is a poster for Tipu Sultan in the role of Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan’s head has been sprinkled with a headgear which clearly shows that it has been badly morphed. It shows the superstar wearing chain armor.

The original image was uploaded to YouTube using a thumbnail in the fan-made trailer for the non-existent image. The footage was uploaded in September 2018 and recently went viral on social media. There was also a denial in the video that said it was made as a fictional part of a work.

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