Islanders, Rangers are taking big steps to resume the NHL season

The Islands practice facility reopened on Monday for volunteer small-group workouts after the second phase of the NHL’s “get back in the game” plan officially began.

A limited number of players, including Josh Bailey, Matt Martin, Thomas Greece and Cal Clartback, took part in Monday’s workout at the North Northwell Health Ice Center in East Meadows. Scott Mayfield, Devon Tews and Chris Gibson, who were the team’s goal scorers at the start of the season’s AHL department, were also seen entering the facility on Monday.

Rangers plan to reopen the MSG training center in Taritown from Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters after a workout in the archipelago on Monday, Bailey said the team “didn’t go too crazy the first day” but felt good to be back on the ice with teammates.

“After three months, it’s a bit rusty so you just get out of there and take your feet down, remove the duck for a while, give it some shots, just go over some sort of basic stuff,” Bailey said. “Then we start ramping up the conditioning side of things as we go, I’m sure we’ll do something this week. We kept going further to get to the camp. “

Northwell Health Ice Center in the East Grass.
Northwell Health Ice Center in the East Grass.NY Post: Charles Wenzelberg

Bailey mentioned that he had a Cavid-19 test this past weekend and another Monday test before taking part in a small group workout. He added that he hopes to go to the practice facility three times this week.

Players taking part in the second round are expected to be in groups of six or less to limit possible exposure until the league reaches the third round, which will conduct training camps in preparation for the 24-team play-off tournament approved last month. . The league informed players at the end of May that the third round would not be held until at least July 10th.

Coaches and other staff are allowed to observe during the second phase but not skate. In addition, players are not allowed to work or skate at other facilities during this time.

Bailey, who welcomed a baby girl into her family in isolated circumstances, was more “concerned” about returning to play hockey than concerned about her health. However, it is a challenge for Bay to imagine what the playoff format will be like for Fail 4 and the NHL’s 24 teams.

“I think it’s really wrapping up your head that it’s going to be different. “We’re not used to how it all comes together, when, how, whatever the event,” he said. Which we usually go for. “

Scott Mayfield rode in his car after a workout at the East Maro Islanders facility on Monday.
Scott Mayfield rode in his car on Monday after a workout at the East Meadows Islanders facility.NY Post: Charles Wenzelberg

Bailey admits he wondered how long he would have to stay away from his wife and children.

“But that’s going to be part of it,” he said. “We’ll have to leave here in due course.”

Areas known in the area include Adam Fox, Artemis Panarin, Chris Krieder, Mark Stall, Brendon Smith and Julien Goutier. However, it was not known who would participate in Tuesday’s volunteer.

Rick Comoro, Igor Shestarkin’s agent, told The Post that Rookie Netminder has trained in Florida and plans to go on the ice this weekend. He is currently expected to be in Florida.

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