Jets Quinsy Enunwa looks set to return despite a career threat

Quincy Enunwa will not be able to return to the football field this season, but the Jets receiver is not giving up hope.

Enunwa suffered a neck injury in the 2019 opener – he missed the entire 2017 season due to a neck injury that required surgery – and was placed in reserve on May 5 / physically unable to make the list, ending hopes of a 2020 return.

Now, he has to wait at least until 2021.

“If I could play, that’s what I would do.” Told ESPN. “If it comes down to it, the doctors say I can’t do it, then I can’t do much. I can’t do anything there, if I have the power [play], Emotion will always be there, want will always be there.

“I think there will always be physical skills, except for my neck. My guess is, because I was going on this ride again, because I’m no longer in control of that part. “

Quincy Enunwa
Quincy EnunwaBill Costron

Enunwa, 2, has been a rising adult receiver since being selected in the sixth round of the 2014 NFL Draft, and is in a four-year, $ 33.4 million contract signed in December 2018. He has a মর 6 million guaranteed season for 2020 and a াতের 4.1 million injury guarantee for 2021.

Despite his unique recent history with the team – he tore up the management of multiple tweets after being fined for missing a rehabilitation session last season – Enunwa would prefer to be a member of Gang Green for even longer if possible.

“I want to be a jet for life,” he said. “I saw Eli Manning say something. On his Twitter page, he wrote, ‘Once a giant, always a monster, just a monster.’ It’s better to call it a jet.

The Nebraska product has been shut down at home due to a carnivirus epidemic, failing to get to the benefit of the Jets. Not being able to play football, but didn’t help.

“The simple word is frustrating,” he said. “If I was completely authentic, there were times when it was hard to navigate what I was going through and then trying to figure out how to feel comfortable coming to the advantage, knowing that this whole game was likely to be taken away. Me. It was tough and it was tough, but I’m definitely managing much better now. “

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