John Abraham will reconstruct Ayyappanum Koshiam in Hindi; Who will play the lead role?

Many movies in the South have remade Bollywood. Not all of them had great success. When films are reinterpreted and rearranged in a whole new cultural context, we enter the realm of hesitation. Iyapanam Kosium is about to bring about a similar change.

You may remember the hit Malayalam film, Ayyapanum Koshiyum. The film, starring Prithviraj Sukumaran and Biju Menon, is set to get its own Hindi remake, with rights acquired by John Abraham.


Who will play Aiyappanum Koshium to get Hindi remake?

Iyapanum Koshiam, directed by Sachi, was released in 2020 starring Prithviraj Sukumaran and Biju Menon. Malayalam action thriller that keeps you thinking of releasing in a wide response to listeners and critics.

Now John Abraham has acquired the right to remake the film in Hindi. While it sounds exciting, we’ve seen many Bollywood remakes of the South that have yet to make an impact. The film will obviously be set in a different context and language, which in itself will reduce the plot of the film. So who will play the lead role?

Koshi Kurien – John Abraham

Prithviraj Sukumaran and John Abraham


If the film is to be replicated, of course John Abraham could probably play a leadership role and after enough effort he could have removed the intensity of Koshi and the role he has played in the past, he could certainly be a forced and arrogant Kosh Kurien.

Ayyappan Nair- Manoj Vajpayee

Biju Menon and Manoj Vajpayee


Ayyappan Nair blames his record, saying he needs a suitable actor to remove the role in order to lock the horn with Koshi. Biju Menon was able to hold the audience and who could play him better than Manoj Vajpayee?

Kurien John – Ashutosh Rana

Ranjit and Ashutosh Rana


Koshi’s father, Kurien John, is an arrogant self-important man with his strong patriarchal influence. Ashutosh Rana will be able to handle the role with some necessary weight keeping in mind the personality of the characters.

Kannammaya Ayyappan- Richa Chada

Gauri Nandha and Richa Chada


Kannamma Iyappan is a strong female character, whose strength and steadfastness as an aboriginal woman. There is something about Kannama that touches your conscience more than your conscience. By looking at Richa Chadha’s book he will be able to act on the character’s emotions and passions.

Ruby- Land Pednekar

Anna Rajan and Bhumi Pednekar


In the film, Koshi, who bears the brunt of the moment-breaking powerful patriarchy, plays a strong role in rescuing his simple and passionate wife. The land will bring forth the good of Ruby without leaving its flaws to the king.

It seems that the time has come for Ayappan and Koshi to leave Attapadi and enter a completely new place. Presumably, it would be called differently, but would it be able to recreate the magic of the original? Only film can answer this difficult question.

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