John Krasinski sold his show “Some Good News” to CBS

John Krasinski seems to have disappointed his fans with his latest move. According to reports, the actor took to social media to sell some of his YouTube shows Good News to CBS on a lucrative deal.

However, John Krasinski While appearing on The Office co-star Ryan Wilson’s Instagram live series, some decided to brand him as a ‘sell-out’.

Kresinski, his fellow actor told Soul pancakes Hey series, man that he always knew he wouldn’t be able to carry any good news once Coronavirus The lockdown is over.

SGNJohn Krasinski Official Instagram Jankrasinski)

He said it was one of those, where he only planned to stick to eight, because he had these other things that he was going to do soon like Jack Ryan and all these things. ‘

He added that he knew it would not be sustainable with his previous promises. We have to say, we saw it coming a mile away.

He added that in the first episode he asked the question: ‘Why isn’t a news show devoted entirely to the good news?’ He seemed to be answering that question now, thanks to his deal, CBS News, one of America’s largest news programs.

John Krasinski

John KrasinskiJohn Krasinski Official Instagram Jankrasinski)

The Hollywood Reporter May 21 said that CBS had won a ‘delivery wide battle’ for some of Krisinski’s good news.

John Krasinski Either lie about his previous promise because he will be busy promoting his horror sequel The Quiet Place 2, in addition to shooting the third season of his Amazon show Jack Ryan.

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