Juicy Smollett demanded transparency from the police to handle her case

Involved actor Juicy Smollett cited ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd and demanded more transparency from police in his own criminal case, according to new court documents.

The former “Empire” star says he deserves to know why Eddie Johnson was Chicago’s top police officer. Dismissed last year, Because it could be linked to the error of the case against him, according to court documents Fox News.

“When we see millions of people across the country come out in protest and protest against the police brutality, the city [of Chicago]By refusing to release the requested documents, it has chosen to actively prevent legal attempts to discredit the citizen, directly related to the allegations against him, ”the motion, filed Friday to force officials to hand over documents about Johnson’s shooting.

It notes the former police supervisor “supervising the investigation and publicly commenting” which led to Smollett’s arrest.

Black and gay, the 37-year-old actor was charged in January 2019 with 16 counts of lying to police and committing a heinous crime.

In a stark contrast, prosecutors dismissed all allegations botched case March 2019 and Johnson was fired eight months later. But in February, Smollett was hit with six new charges.

Since then, his legal team has been scrutinizing police for detailed investigations into Johnson’s shooting. Reports of their most recent filing of claims displeased Mr. Smollett by identifying his discovery requests as “attempts to pollute the reservoir.”

They further note that in previous documents published by city officials, “explicitly omitted” that certain police officers claimed that Smollett had given false statements to police.

Smollett pleaded not guilty in February to disorderly conduct and was released on 000 20,000 bond.

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