Julius Arriving only scoring title secured net

1 and onlyনেট Net to win the scoring title: Julius Arriving

Time: 1973-74 and 1975-76

Background: The New York Nets acquired Irving from Virginia Squares in 1973, shortly after leading Long Island Native American basketball with a career-high 31.9 points per game. The deal sent rights drafts to George 750,000, George Carter and Kermit Washington’s Irving and Willie Sgt. For them. When he reached the net, there was only one winning season in the six years of their existence.

Skinny: Dr. J immediately turned the franchise around, showing off the fake FA title with a pair of play-off MVPs in 1974 and 1976. He reduced 19 to 2.4.4 ppg in both 3-744 and 29.3 ppg in 1975-7676. Those have led the league to score in both seasons. The electric advance crowded with his acrobatic right and took it to another notch in the postseason, averaging 31.1 ppg during the championship run.

The Ads Who Close: Rick Barry had 31.5 points per game, the second highest in the ABA in 1971-1722 and still stands as the franchise’s single-season record. Vince Carter’s top 10 finalists in 2004-05 (227.5 as net after business from Toronto) and Stephen Marbury as 200-0-07 (22.2) were the pair in 2000-01 (23.9) and 1999- 99 (23.4 as net after business from Minnesota).

Quotes: “I’m not sure who’s bigger in New York right now, ours or the Twin Towers!” – Journey after the Nets won the ABA Championship in 1974.

Future fruit: A few months after the Nets’ 1976 title, the ABA and NBA merged. The problem was that Net had to pay a $ 3.2 million expansion fee, and Nix had to pay an additional 8 4.8 million in compensation. They offered airwaves in exchange for a fee waiver, but the Knicks declined. Instead, the Nets sold Airwing to 76 people to be able to give them a chance to enter the NBA.

Inheritance: Hall of Fame went on to play 11 seasons at the NBA, they all promoted All-Star in Philadelphia. He averaged 22 ppg with the 76ers but is still considered the greatest net of all time.

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