Kangana Ranaut’s statement on Ajay Pandit’s murder in Kashmir, netizens call her Bollywood’s most ‘conscious actress’

Speaking on the issue has become a new debate in India. Celebrity talk has become another issue. Decisions that support celebrities have created supporters and haters in equal proportions for them. Kangana Ranaut also got a problem to speak.

Kangana Ranaut chose to mourn the loss of Kashmiri scholar Ajay Pandit. He posted an emotional video of his death and what is happening in the Kashmir Valley. Posted now, netizens are trending his name on Twitter, welcoming him to speak up and show support.

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Kangana Ranaut on the death of a Kashmiri scholar

There are burning issues around the world and Bollywood actors are talking about the issue. However, Bollywood celebrities have made enough statements on certain issues and there has been a lot of controversy over whether they are right. Moreover, are they talking for the right reasons?

Kangana Ranaut has recently made a point of not talking about certain things in the homes of celebrities, to show their electoral activities and hypocrisy in the matter of #BlackLives Matter. Now, the actress chose to speak on the issue – she felt strongly about the killing of Kashmir Pandit, Ajay Pandit in the Kashmir Valley.

The actress took to Instagram to post an emotional video of the killings holding a placard, “Celebrities who call themselves intellectuals often set foot on the streets to light candles, petrol bombs, burn the nation …”

In addition to beating up celebrities, he demanded justice for Kashmiri scholars and said that we should always stop teaching secularism to secular and peace-loving Hindus. He further said that the government should give back their own land to Kashmiri Pandits and send them home on their land in Kashmir.

Now, many on the internet are fascinated by the actress’ candidacy and happy that she spoke on an issue, that many celebrities have avoided touching her.

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