Karnataka has banned online classes for students from LKG to Class 5; Alternative offers


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Karnataka Education Minister Suresh Kumar made the announcement at a press conference on Wednesday, banning live virtual classes for primary school students. Some schools may continue to offer online classes for grades 4 through 7. This decision was made with reference to the well-being of mental children.

The minister told the media, “There will be a discussion later on what specific class screen time and what would be appropriate. For now, we have decided for LKG, UKG and primary class, considering their age and mental health,” the minister told the media.

Karnataka has banned online classes for elementary students

The minister further said that online class fees for primary students should be implemented immediately.

Argument and criticism

The Karnataka state government’s decision comes shortly after the WHO advised that children under the age of WH should not spend more than an hour on screen.

Online classes

The decision to ban online classes has received much criticism across the country. News Minute noted that people can use laptops or computers as well as the Internet to attend online classes. Academics have had a major impact from the nationwide lockdown of 2020, which was forced into late March. All schools and colleges have been closed since then, but some educational institutions have started online classes for the time being.

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