Karnataka’s health minister is taking part in a huge procession breaking the rules of social distance

Karnataka Health Minister B Sriramulu took part in a huge procession at Chitradurga, where hundreds of supporters were present. The tragic incident not only violated the rules of social distance, it did at a time when the record of coronavirus cases in the state was higher.

Then in a video that went viral, Sriramulu gave a great welcome with a huge apple garland. Hundreds of supporters were seen cheering for their leader as he rode on the cargo bed of an equipped truck. The video also showed the BJP leader taking part in the procession without any PPE, such as face masks or gloves.

Sriramulu (old photo for presentation)PR handout

The video also shows police officers in the crowd. No action was taken to prevent the gathering. This is a direct violation of the state government’s order, which prohibits any public gathering. CM BS Yeddyurappa further said that in case of any function like wedding, public gatherings should be limited to 100 people, approval should be sought before the authorities.

Watch the video below:

Coronavirus state of Karnataka

The grand procession to welcome Sriramulu to Chitradurga had more than a hundred supporters as there was no reason for social distance.

The most surprising thing was that it happened in the presence of the supreme minister in charge of the health and family welfare of the people of the state. The number of Kovid-19 cases in Karnataka is increasing at an alarming rate, with hundreds of new cases being registered every day. The toll in the state currently stands at 3,406.

Not isolated incidents

Establishing social distance

Interestingly, the Sriramulu procession is not an isolated incident where the rules of social distance were violated in this tense situation. On Monday, on the occasion of Ganga Dussehra, a crowd of hundreds of people drowned in the Ganges at more than a dozen ghats in Boxer. In epidemics, people do not wear masks or take precautions.

In another incident, the recovery of Congress leader COVID-19 in violation of social distance rules was celebrated in Mumbai last week. Veteran leader Chandrakant Hando returned home last week after recovering from a coronavirus – just a crowd of supporters beating ums and setting off fireworks.

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