Kirby, Nintendo’s Pink Puffball, Officially Gained A Grammy Award

Kirby holds up a Grammy triumphantly while standing adorably on the award stage.

You are doing great, sweetie!
Image: Nintendo / Kotaku / Valerie Maco (Getty Images)

Don’t permit your memes be dreams players, simply because last night Kirby, in the year of our lord 2022, won a Grammy.

Ok, technically, Kirby himself didn’t win a Grammy. That honor goes to Charlie Rosen and Jake Silverman’s 8-Little bit Big Band, a 30-to 65-member orchestra that specializes in jazzy renditions of songs from popular movie activity franchises like “Lonely Rolling Star’’ from Katamari Damacy (the very best Katamari music) and “Snake Eater’’ from Metal Equipment Strong 3. Very last evening, they gained most effective arrangement, instrumental, or acapella for their rendition of the 1996 Kirby Celebrity song “Meta Knight’s Revenge.” But for the sake of argument, let’s just say Kirby won the Grammy simply because that’s what he deserves. I await Kirby’s upcoming collaborations with fellow Grammy winners Tyler, The Creator, and Silk Sonic.

This marks the next event a movie game has gained a Grammy, with Civilization IV successful a Grammy for “Baba Yetu” for best instrumental arrangement accompanying vocalist back again in 2011. Kirby’s acquire could’ve been a hat-trick for video clip sport audio had Journey received its nomination for most effective score soundtrack for visual media in 2013, but it was snubbed by Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor for their score in The Lady With The Dragon Tattoo. I remarkably advise folks look at out Ross and Reznor’s rendition of “Immigrant Track.” It’s a banger.

This award also comes at a stupendous time taking into consideration Kirby and the Overlooked Land unveiled just a pair weeks back. I’ve been chipping away at “Kirby Automata” more than the earlier 7 days, and I’d argue that several of the tracks are complete warmth as effectively. I’m gonna phone my shot like Babe Ruth and say in a year’s time, Kirby will be nominated for however a different Grammy, potentially for someone’s rendition of a tune from Overlooked Land. Prayer circle for it becoming “Cave Concept 2.”

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