‘Kohli, Ashwin and Vijay top my list as selectors’: Srikkanth

India captain Virat Kohli has taken world cricket by storm in the last few years and refused to stop praising him. However, selector Chris Srikkanth was one of the men who supported him in his early days as an international cricketer. The former chief selector said that Kohli was one of his top selections during his tenure.

“Virat Kohli as selector, and Ashwin and Murali Vijay are my top picks, the way they grew up and the way I was prepared, I’m really proud,” Srikanth said in a speech attached to Star Sports 1 Tamil Cricket.

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Cricketers have debated Kohli’s style of play

Recently, England great Ian Botham said that Virat Kohli is the right person to lead the Indian team and he would have liked to play against the Indian captain.

In an online chat session with the Playwright Foundation, Botham said, “He has taken the game to great opponents, he has stood up for his players. I would have loved to have played against him. He is the right person to take Indian cricket forward,” Botham said in an online chat with the Playwright Foundation. Said during a speech at the session.

In fact, former England batsman Kevin Pietersen said that he put legend Sachin Tendulkar ahead of Kohli because of the way India won the game while chasing Kohli.

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In an Instagram live video chat with commentator and former Zimbabwe pacer Pompey Mbang, Petersen said he chose Kohli because of the number of times he has managed to manage successfully.

“Kohli is a freakshow, his record is spread behind the winning matches. The amount of pressure he puts on India, Smith doesn’t even come close to him,” Petersen said.

He said that this is what puts Kohli above Tendulkar in his books. “Again huge because of the number of his chases. The number of his chases is scary, when he averages more than 70 in the chase average, he consistently wins games for India, he keeps the numbers up, and to me it matters how important your country is. For that will win the games, ”Petersen said.

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