LA has released Alexander Katai in the Galaxy wife’s racist post

A professional soccer player from Los Angeles did not quit his job when his team found out that his wife George Floyd was going to ridicule protesters on social media.

Alexander Katai, the 29-year-old midfielder from Serbia and LA Galaxy Friday in isolation; The Major League Soccer team bought the rest of the cutting deal, which began in December. Galaxy officials did not specify the amount or length of the deal, The Los Angeles Times reported.

“We strongly believe that we are a club that represents our staff, our players, our fans and our community,” said team president Chris Klein. “The decision, in this case, was not a difficult one. We have to uphold those values. This is not a football decision. ”

Katai made no comment, but Klein described him as remorseful and “very understanding through this process.”

According to the Times, Katai’s wife, Cha Katai, who also came from Serbia, posted racist messages on Tuesday but dropped them, the Times reported.

Through a crowd of protesters with a caption in a Serbian language, two NYPD officers showed a screenshot of a video of them driving, which translates as “Kill SS!”

Another English language caption showed a clear looter with a box of Nike shoes with “Black Nike Matter”.

Cha Katai wrote another post in Serbian describing the protesters as “disgusting cattle” The Associated Press reported.

According to the Times, fans reacted quickly to the posts demanding the release of the Galaxy release. On Thursday, outside the team’s stadium, four people held a bedroom-sized banner reading “No racists in our club” with a red line in the cut’s uniform number through.

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