Land Pednecker: I am hopeful humanity will wake up

Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar sees natural disasters such as Super Cyclone Amphan as a precaution for humanity to understand “what we have left on our planet”.

Land PednekarVarinder Chawla

“I’ve been watching videos from Kolkata and Orissa for the last two days and it’s heartbreaking. It’s really scary! It’s been hours! I’ve seen blog posts with videos of the cyclone and it’s very disturbing.” And a big loss for the animals, ”Bhumi told IANS.

‘The world is heating up at a crazy pace’
“I think it’s too late for humanity to realize what we have left our planet five, the earth is heating up at a crazy pace,” the actress added.

Land is mentioned on his Instagram profile as a “climate fighter”. The actress is actively working to spread the word about the importance of nature conservation and the impending dangers of climate change.

“Today, the world is already going through a major refugee crisis. In the next few years we are going to be refugees due to climate change. Millions and millions of people will be displaced regardless of how rich or poor they are.” We are all one in the face of the wrath of nature. I really hope humanity wakes up. The planet is our habitat and we must learn to coexist with every species that exists on Earth. Why do people feel invisible? We share our planet with millions of other species but we feel that Hawk’s Serf Hamara Hai (only has rights over our planet) and that’s ridiculous! “Land revealed.

Land Pednekar

Land Pednekar.Instagram

The actress feels that it is her own responsibility to spread the word and she is ready to do whatever she can. Asked if he would like to make a movie that conveys a message about nature conservation, Bhumi replied: “Of course! I will do whatever I can to spread this message and bring about change. I am very interested in this. This is something that I really believe and it gives me a sleepless night. “

On the personal front, Land feels “lucky” to be able to afford the COVID 19 epidemic lockdown running home with his family.

“I feel very lucky to have a roof over my head and I live with people I love and people who are important to me at such a difficult time. The last four years, my life has been very crazy. I have barely been in Mumbai.” There was no chance of staying longer than the day. It was somehow good even though it was a very heavy expense but yes, I enjoy spending time with my family, “he shares. Chen is an actress.

What will the land do to keep itself busy at home in the midst of a lockdown? “I’m continuing to bake things like a cake I’m cooking a moody you know! I’m using myself to differentiate myself right now. No agenda, no schedule, no schedule I’m literally doing my Things like choice! That’s pretty cool! ”The actress signed up.

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