Leon Rose adds experience with the Knicks in front office renovations

Announcing the hearing of Walt Perrin, Frank Janine and Brock Aller – three experienced basketball officials – Nix Rocky President Leon Rose made it official by shaking his office on Wednesday.

Rose also confirmed that Scott Perry has signed an extension to stay as GM next season.

Rose said in a statement, “We have brought together a diverse front office consisting of highly respected and experienced basketball officials who have influenced a number of successful players and organizations in the league. “These additions will complement our already existing structure and help us develop talent and develop strategies to build a team that our fans can be proud of.”

Prior to that, he was the Assistant GM for Scouting at Perrin College in Eastern Utah. Former Net Executive, Janine Assistant GM, will work on Pro Scouting. Aller, who hails from the Cavaliers, is the VP of the strategy – better known for his pay cap and his skills in financial planning.

With Perrin being the biggest coup, the Knicks could have three picks in the top 38 of the draft, including two first-rounders. Perrin assisted Jazz in creating All-Stars such as Gordon Howard, Paul Millsap, Darren Williams, Rudy Gobert and Donvan Mitchell.

“Walt Perrin Jazz has had enormous wealth over the last 19 years,” said Utah President Dennis Lindsay in a statement.

These herrings by Aller, Perrin and Janine have aroused the serious suspicion of current basketball operations staff Gerald Madkins, Harold Ellis and capologist Michael Arsiri. Their contracts expire in August and were all hired by Perry – with Craig Robinson, the head of Ellis Trade negotiations known as the hard-working assistant with assured player development, also leaving. Robinson added former president Steve Mills because they were both former Princeton teammates.

Rose is still considering adding a few more scouts to the staff, including Walker Russell, Makhtar Ndia, Kevin Wilson (Europe) and John Halas.

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