Leonid meteor shower tonight: How and when to see shooting stars spectacle the place you are

The Leonid meteor shower is established to light up the skies over the United kingdom.

The taking pictures star exhibit will peak prior to the dawn on Wednesday evening. But it may be noticeable prior to and right after that.

As with other meteor showers, no distinct gear is necessary and the display need to be seen with the naked eye. The very best way to maximize the viewing practical experience is to get away from resources of night time air pollution and give your eyes the possibility to alter to the darkish.

The Leonids, commonly rapid, vibrant meteors, are connected with Comet Tempel-Tuttle.

The place in which they look to stream from is at the head of the constellation Leo the Lion, hence the title.

The Leonids arrive yearly, although fluctuate in their brightness from yr to calendar year.

A tiny path of particles is left by the comet as it follows its route all-around the solar, and this enters Earth’s ambiance at speeds of up to 70 kilometres for every second, vaporising and causing the streaks of light we connect with meteors.

People who overlook the peak on Wednesday night time could nevertheless be ready to watch the shower, as it proceeds at a decreased fee for many times on possibly facet.

Displays are far better when the Tempel-Tuttle comet, which can take 33 many years to orbit the sunlight, is nearer to the Earth, an occurrence which is up coming due in about 15 years’ time.

The Achieved Office forecast for Wednesday to Friday is for changeable climate in the north with spells of rain or showers and generally windy.

It suggests it will be mostly dry in the south with variable cloud.

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