Locust Trap: The next destination for destructive insects in India

The Bihar government is in Qatar about the possibility of locust attacks in the state. Squads have been formed to deal with this risk and be ready to spray the mass. However, the agriculture department has received information that the first swarm of locusts has started moving towards Madhya Pradesh.

An official of the agriculture department said that after reaching Mirzapur, C.

Cutting off locusts is not an easy task.Twitter

MP-Bihar border on alert

Agriculture Minister Dr N Saravan Kumar has asked officials in 10 districts along the BP-Bihar border to remain vigilant. While the locusts continue to change to MP, Bihar officials have been cautious if the locusts change their path again.

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The Bihar government has advised farmers to be vigilant. Officials have been asked by the fire department to coordinate with the district administration in arranging sprays for vehicles and tractors.

Locust attack

The locusts are spread over at least 500,000 hectares of land in Rajasthan, mostly in the western and eastern parts of the state.Reuters

Committees have been formed from the state to the panchayat level to deal with locusts.

Meanwhile, the risk of locusts has raised concerns among farmers, especially mango and litchi growers. According to Krishna scientist Dr. Rajesh Kumar, grasshoppers have entered India due to changes in weather conditions. “So far we have
It has rained well. The locusts enter the damp area quickly as it is still wet in northern Bihar, ”he added.

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