Loose in London proved to be a ‘dangerous wildcat’ pet cat

Eyewitness footage of a “big cat” in London sent police into overdrive on Monday as panicked residents loosened up and called it a “dangerous wildcat.”

Scotland Yard sent armed police and helicopters after residents of the Tony neighborhood called the “billionaires” row of cats, saying “the signs were like leopards or cheetahs.”

The animal has been seen as someone’s pet.

“It was very dramatic,” said one woman The evening told StandardSay, there were two police helicopters overhead.

Sitting with the girl, he was in a call to the police after the cat suddenly spread out from the bushes in his garden.

“We were scared,” he told Standard, adding a heavy police response. At the stage, they thought it was a dangerous wildcat. “

Officials later stood up, however, after learning the clich আসলে was actually a pet hybrid Savannah cat that escaped from a neighboring garden.

“That animal looked like any pet I had ever seen,” the panicked woman told Standard.

Police confirmed that an armed unit had been dispatched but made it clear there was no risk of knowing.

Police said at the scene

“There were no reports of members of the public being attacked or injured,” a spokesman said Said the sun

A local, Leon Grant, told Standard that the reaction was “pandemonium”.

“There was a police helicopter that was overhead and armed police and all sorts of patrols,” he said. “It was dealt with as a huge event.”

A savannah cat is a cross between an exotic African cervix and a domesticated cat.

With a larger and stronger prey instinct than regular pet cats, A website dedicated to cubs “There is no better family pet than this,” he insisted.

“With the strength and loyalty of the brand new puppy and the freedom and awareness of the best domestic cats, Savannah kittens make everything hereditary,” the site says.

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