Martin Trux Jr. finishes the winless skid on NASCAR’s historic day

Martinsville, WA. – Martin Trux Jr. has long used the shortest track on NASCAR to end the Los Hara series on the day the series of stand car series banned the Confederate flag.

Trux won the first Nascar Cup race of the season in the first race under the speedway lights in Martinsville on Wednesday night, lowering the stretched part.

Trux, the 2017 Cup champion, is one of NASCAR’s biggest winners in the last three years, but Joe Gibbs couldn’t find the winning lane in the first 10 races of the season for racing. He has won 19 times since 2017-2019.

“I knew we were going to get one soon,” Trux said. “Hopefully we can get a roll.”

Tick ​​tock. The time to lose is over.

The grandfather clock in Martinsville rings just 0.526 miles on the TrueX paperclip-shaped track. He won for the first time with new crew chief James Small.

“It’s huge for her and her confidence and for the way people look at her.” “I think it’s huge. I knew everything I was capable of, I knew he would be an amazing crew chief for a long time to come. “

Brand Keslowski’s Ryan Blaney has won two games this season, and the winning team has financed 2-3-4 for Pensacola.

The race began shortly after NASCAR announced that the Confederate flag would be banned from all NASCAR events and properties.

Bubba Wallace, the lone black driver from NASCAR and an Alabama resident, raised the issue this week, calling for a ban on the Confederate flag and saying it had “no place” in sports. Wallace drives the 43rd Chevrolet of Richard Petty Motorsports with a #BlackLivesMatter paint scheme. Wallace, dressed in an American flag, applauded when asked about the decision before the start of the race.

“It was a couple of weeks under pressure,” Wallace said on FS1. “Tonight is the biggest race of my career. I’m excited tonight. There’s a lot of sensation on the race track. “

Wallace wore a black “I can’t breathe” T-shirt but didn’t walk during the national anthem. The subject of “compassion, love, understanding” has blossomed in his chevy. He is 11th in Martinsville.

“Our Black Lives Matter Chevrolet – it’s fair to say, right – it was great for long runs,” Wallace said.

Martin Trux Jr. celebrated his victory on Wednesday night.
Martin Trux Jr. celebrated his victory on Wednesday night.Getty Images

2-day-old Wallace, who finished second in the 2018 Daytona 500, also rose to new heights. Already outspoken about social causes at NASCAR, Wallace condemned the flag and its message spread across all sports. Los Angeles LeCars star LeBron James Wallace tweeted a “Big S / O” and retired NFL star Dion Sanders tweeted that he was proud NASCAR “acknowledged our country’s sensitivities when dealing with racial injustice.”

Wallace has even made some new NASCAR fans – for one night, at least – outside of other athletes. “Orleans Saints Run Back Elvin Camara Responds to NASCAR’s Speech via a Tweet” When the Next Race ?? With a popcorn emoji. He also followed on social media, as did Carolina Panthers safety Trey Boston. Boston tweeted questions about the race and seemed to enjoy Martinsville’s action: “Did you pin on the TV. I’m standing more than the drivers I feel. Is it okay? Am I okay with it? Do you flip all the channels?” Doing? “

Former NFL safety Bernard Pollard Jr. joined the social media action and asked a question about the warnings answered on the FS1 broadcast.

But Nascar’s decision angered flag campaigners who set foot on social media. NASCAR helmet artist Jason Beam, who draws designs for some sports big stars, was among the loudest critics. He slowly released a streak of tweets about the move, saying, “You can’t erase history by choosing what part you want to keep and what you don’t want to keep.”

Reese Witherspoon gave the verdict a top-five emoji on Twitter.

Without fans of the track in Martinsville, it was involved in seven straight cup races that resumed. The series ended on Sunday, when 1,000 Florida service members representing Homestead Air Reserve Base and U.S. Southern Command in Dorale were allowed to take part in the Homestead-Miami Speedway Cup race and watch races from grandstands as guests of honor. More than 5,000 fans will be allowed to take part in the race at Talladega Superspeedway next week. NASCAR says all fans will be screened before entering, will have to wear face masks, will be forced to walk six feet social distance, and will have no access to the entrance.

“I want to say hi to all the fans in the house, we definitely miss you,” Trux said. “It doesn’t look right, but it’s definitely exciting to win.”

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