Masks are dangerous for children under the age of two, Japanese experts warn

Japan’s coronavirus guidelines encourage people to wear masks, but medical agencies have warned parents not to put them on their children because it makes it difficult to notice changes in facial expressions, expressions and breathing patterns, it said in a leaflet.

“It’s possible that masks make it difficult for children to breathe and increase the risk of heat stroke.” Leaflets.

Children have narrow airways and masks can make it more difficult to breathe and increase the burden on their lungs, it continues.

There is also a risk of suffocation, especially if young children vomit behind a mask.

Children are relatively less at risk for coronavirus infection and the association has decided that masks are not necessary for children under two years of age.

Japan firm provides unused hotel rooms to couples in Kovid-19 lockdown

On Monday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared a state of emergency. It was about a month later but the authorities picked up the plan a week earlier than the original plan.

However, the United States has extended travel bans to 111 countries, including the United States, India and South Africa, effective Wednesday.

The list of sanctions has been expanded this week by 11 countries and has barred foreign nationals from entering Japan.

Japan just fell into recession and could go even worse

Japanese nationals are still allowed to enter the country, although they will need to go through a 14-day medical examination and self-examination.

According to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University, there are now a total of 16,581 confirmed cases and 830 deaths involving the coronavirus in Japan.

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