May 26 Coron virus news

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Spain reported 194 new diagnoses of coronavirus infections on Tuesday, the day before.

Remember: The Spanish Ministry of Health two weeks ago introduced a new nationwide system for coronavirus case reporting and tracking, leading to a sharp resurgence of infections and deaths. According to the ministry, the total number of infections synthesized through PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests since the onset of the epidemic is now more than 236,000.

What has changed: Under the new system, Spain’s health authorities say infections are not detected on the day they are detected – not the day they were detected, leading to a spike in numbers this week. Some Spanish media are calling it the “Data Dance”.

An example of the new report added an additional 35 new deaths to the figures released on Tuesday, but according to the country’s health ministry, the deaths occurred last week.

The latest death toll in Spain is at least 27,117, lower than previously reported by the Ministry of Health. This is because the ministry recounted the overall picture on Monday and nearly 2,000 deaths were abruptly removed from the number.

Top Spanish health official said. Fernando Seamen said Monday that the cases withdrawn from the total did not confirm the death of Kovid-19 and therefore did not meet the update criteria for inclusion in the Ministry of Health’s total count.

Seaman added that the purpose of the revised telegram was to “assess the speed of the epidemic in the last seven days,” so that medical personnel across the country could receive more current information in real time.

The Ministry of Health’s website says that as a result of “new strategies to detect, monitor and control the transmission of the Kovid-1p epidemic”, differences between previously reported numbers and those reported now may continue for several days.

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