Meghan Merkel believed that the royal court had hatched a ‘conspiracy’ to embarrass her

Meghan Merkel believed that the princesses had hatched a “conspiracy” against Prince Harry after he entered Kensington Palace during court time.

Merkel, 38, began to fear the courtiers of the palace went out to tarnish her reputation because of her American-style management style once the pair moved into Frogmore’s cottage.

“He was convinced that there was a conspiracy against him and so they cut themselves off when they left Frogmore,” said a friend. The Sunday Times reported.

“I think he felt like an outsider from the beginning. This is not the life he lived and he wanted it. “

She, too, began to feel isolated and missed her mother and friends in LA. A friend told The Sunday Times that Meghan’s financial independence was the driving force behind it and that Harry had decided to leave Royal and flee the UK to Rhode Island.

“One of Meghan’s fights that a friend fought was not an income,” her friend said. “He has always worked and I think he felt incomplete. Having financial freedom meant most of them wanted to leave.

Despite reports that 35-year-old Harry was fighting in LA, the pair befriended Adele and became friends with the Duke of Sussex, the Silicon Valley crowd and even Leonardo DiCaprio, whom he met at Google Camp last year, The Sunday Times reported.

“I’m sure they’ll have dinner parties with people in their social life that they can trust and connect with,” said Melania Bromley, head of news operations for NBC’s Yeah! The channel told The Sunday Times.

“They’re going to be very careful about opening up their social circle too much, because splitting up with the wrong people can have a huge detrimental effect on their image and plans.”

The couple is enjoying time with their 1-year-old son Archie at the Los Angeles Palace owned by Tyler Perry as they wait for the comfort of separation restrictions.

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