Michelle Silvertino: Filipino woman dies days after waiting for bus during carnavirus lockdown

Michelle Silvertino, 33, was found unconscious on June 5 on a footbridge along a main highway in the capital, Manila.

The mother of four tried to catch the bus on her way to Kalabanga, Camarains Sur province – 400 km southeast of Manila (250 miles) – but Kovid-19 said no public transport was running due to the 19 quarantine system. CNN Authorized CNN Philippines.

According to CNN Philippines, Silvertino went from Manila to Queens City in the north just south to Pass City, CNN Philippines reported. However, this proved futile and for several days he was trapped in the footbridge, where he was found unconscious and later pronounced dead at the hospital.

His death sparked outrage in the Philippines and the hashtag #JusticefordMichelSilvertino became a trend on Twitter. People across the country have called for justice in the promotion of social media and criticized the government for not doing enough to help trapped workers like Silvertino.

In March, the Philippines took strict coronavirus lockdown measures, including suspension of public transport on the island of Luzon, which includes the metropolitan area metro Manila, and ordered residents to stay indoors.
About 80 days later, the restrictions in the capital began to ease from 1 June and public transport was partially allowed to resume, According to CNN In the Philippines, however, buses traveling between the provinces are still banned.

Silvertino’s plight is shared by many Filipino workers who were stranded during the lockdown after failing to travel home due to the ban.

CNN Philippines Report Hundreds of passengers stranded under an expressway near Manila International Airport on Thursday were thrown out of the camp after their flights were canceled.

“We are here like beggars. We want our families to go home,” a passenger told the news agency.

The president arrived at the palace in protest of Silvertino’s death and the government announced on Thursday that it would help the country’s stranded workers return home.

Presidential spokesman Harry Rock In a statement The situation in Silvertino will not be repeated and the Department of Social Welfare and Transportation will assist those who gathered at bus stops and airports.

“No one wanted this to happen, but we will now take steps to ensure that what happened to Michelle does not happen again. We have a new policy to help everyone trapped at airports and bus terminals,” Rock said.

The statement added that stranded workers would be quickly tested for the Covid-19 before transport could be found.

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