Mike Tyson’s return is close to boxing return in 20 million chances

Mike Tyson is getting close to fighting back – and it may not be just boxing.

The former heavyweight champion will be offered a contract for the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship which will exceed the company’s extended 20 million contract extended to Tyson earlier this month and will include charitable donations, the organization’s president said. MMA told Fighting.

“I think I know what we need to do to make this happen,” said BKFCA President David Feldman.

Tyson, 53, whose last official boxing match was Kevin McBride’s 2005 defeat, is back in the fray. She has posted videos of intense workouts and pictures of her newly returned body in recent weeks.

Tyson has expressed interest in taking part in a charity boxing match and has already looked ahead to a potential opponent.

“We’ve got a lot of boys,” Tyson said. During an interview with rapper Lil Wayne On saturday. “Listen we’ve got so many people who want to do this guy. We’re on calls, we’re doing business with the boys right now. You don’t believe in names when publishing names. Sometime this week will be our deal.

According to MMA Fighting, former UFC star Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock have expressed interest in fighting Tyson, according to MMA Fighting. Former rival Evander Holyfield, 57, has started posting his own training videos and is open to a third fight between him and Tyson over charity.

“That’s what I did! Yes, I want to fight Mike Tyson.” Holyfield told The Sun this month. “I can definitely handle him. … But Mike has to do it too.

Tyson returned to the ring this week, when he appeared in exchange for a double or nothing-per-view of all elite wrestling and presented the company’s new TNT title to winner Cody Rhodes.

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