‘Mom likes acting but couldn’t because of family’: Shantanu Maheshwari for sharing screen space with her in D3 (Exclusive)

Shantanu Maheshwari became the most beloved celebrity on Indian television, the young boy is a dancer, choreographer and organizer. She made her debut with the Dil Dosti dance show and left an impression on the hearts and minds of the audience. Talented Actor and Dancer Post Fear Factor: Khatran K was the winner of Khiladi 8 which post.

Maheshwari is known for her roles in various fictional fiction shows including MTV India’s Girls on Top, and Star Plus’ Nach Baliye 9, and among others for India’s best dramatic actors. He has also made his web debut from Alt Balaji’s Medical Years. Through replaying numerous shows on TV and on the web, Shantanu’s first show Dil Dosti Dance 3 also made a digital comeback.

India Shantanu Maheshwari in a conversation with International Business Times Talked a long time about his D3 return, tried to face the camera back with his mom and how his first show changed the game for him.

Parts of the conversation:

Did you expect D3 to return this way?

No, I certainly didn’t expect it to come back like D3, because I don’t expect this kind of lockdown to ever happen in the first place! But I’m glad that the show is back in its own way because it’s a show that is very close to my heart and all the people involved have a special place in their hearts for D3 too! And we’re all happy that we can entertain people with these D3 IgTV skits in one way or another at this challenging time.

So how did you shoot for D3?

It was the best experience of shooting D3 then! Likes acting in the morning and dancing at night and the whole routine of overcoming that repetitive process. I started my career with D3 at a very young age and had a lot to learn from the show! I was able to do so many things that I loved to do, absolutely amazing! So overall it has been the best experience of my life to date!

How do you manage housework and work from home?

Luckily, I live with my family so the work is always divided, so we get our personal time too! So I don’t really have to stress about work from home situation or home situation. We plan our days in advance and let each other know if something important is present, so that everyone’s personal schedule is appropriate.

Any BTS or funny memories of the days of Dil Dosti dance?

Shantanu Maheshwari

This Urvashi dance sequence was just for the boys, and the choreography was done by Sumit and Vinod Sir, so their assistants taught us it for the first time, Hum logo choreography Look who’s on it! Since we just didn’t understand their washer and style, because adapting to our bodies it was very different and new after which we were all literally in a panic mode!

Only when Sumit Sir himself came and split the whole dance in two for us Humare jaan me jaan a gai And we were all able to catch up! But it was so much fun because the next day we were all enjoying the dance, and the funny thing about the whole situation was finally the fact that for the first time all our boys were so scattered by that particular dance sequence!

How did you grow up as a dancer actor from the days of Dil Dosti Dance?

I’ve been dancing for a while anyway, but working with so many others has taught me so much! Everyone had their own dance style and there was so much to choose from! Mass and I were even lucky to get several shots behind the camera during the show and even tried our hand at working on choreography for a special dance sequence.

Acting-based, this was my first project where I had to act, so all the mistakes we made and learned through it all came from D3! It made me fall in love with the whole beauty of acting and craft! It helped me to realize my passion!

Have you contacted your co-stars since day D3?

d3 cast alai

We’ve always been close to each other because we started the journey together as actors in this industry, so we’ve become really dense, to be honest. Over the years, our equation with each other has become stronger, and it was the show’s compelling force!

Your mother made a special appearance in one of the episodes. How was it sharing screen space with her?

Shantanu Maheshwari

My mother loved dancing and acting but never got a chance to explore it because of the family. So when the opportunity came for her to play this cameo character in the D3 IgTV series, I insisted that she would do it, and at first, she was a little hesitant, but then she sweetly agreed to take the part. Sometimes it was very fun to manage him and it was very nice Mujhse nahi raha hai aaND was so beautiful to see his nervousness! Although he He gave Played his character, and it was good fun to film the whole scene with him!

Is there any chance of this cult show on TV next season?

This is something I can’t really comment on, because I don’t have much power to do it. This is the property owned by the channel, so they should ask this question, not us!

A word for D3 fans?

They are all amazing and where would this show be today without their love and support! They have always supported me throughout my journey and it has given me so much strength! So thank you to all of them for the kind of faith, commitment and love they have given us all to this day!

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