NASA Perseverance rover investigates ‘garden pavers’ in Mars lakebed

Loads of Perseverance rover pieces are noticeable in this graphic from July 13, 2021. The science devices close to the ground are on the conclusion of the rover’s robotic arm.


NASA’s Perseverance rover is on a highway journey throughout Mars, and that indicates halting for some sightseeing. On Wednesday, NASA shared snaps from a roadside attraction that’s caught the rover team’s notice.

The object of fascination is a patch of rock still left more than from when Jezero Crater was a lake, in the much distant previous when Mars was additional watery than it is currently.

“Verify out this patch of rock I discovered: looks variety of like back garden pavers, and is possibly exposed bedrock,” NASA tweeted together with a GIF of the rover checking the place out. “Substance like this, from the early days of this historical lakebed, can enable seize what that lake was like.”

Perseverance is logging a several days at the web-site to get a closer look. The rover has a large amount of science ahead, but a single of its main missions is to seek out out evidence of historical microbial daily life on the pink planet. A former lake is a excellent spot to investigate Mars’ previous habitability. 

These Mars rocks would look lovely alongside a garden route.


The photographs shared by NASA present the rover checking out the “pavers” with the equipment on the stop of its robotic arm.   

“The arm lets the rover operate as a human geologist would: by holding and employing science resources with its ‘hand’ or turret,” NASA explained in a rover explainer. “The rover’s very own ‘hand tools’ extract cores from rocks, usually takes microscopic images and analyzes the elemental composition and mineral makeup of Martian rocks and soil.”

NASA’s robotic explorer arrived on Mars in February and is into its initial formal science campaign with its companion Ingenuity helicopter acting as a scout. The bedrock investigation is a sign of science to come as the rover teases out the story of Mars’ historical historical past. 

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