New Datsun Ready-Geo launched: new features, on-road pricing, variants and more

Datsun has introduced its entry-level hatchback, Ready-Geo’s first short face. In the meantime, the company has discontinued the top-end “S” variant, which is not to be disappointed as two new variants – T and T (O) have been added. Moreover, by doing so, Datsun has brought uniformity to the variant-naming in its entire lineup. Previously, the ready-geo forms were separated as D, A and S, but the Geo and Geo + forms were ‘T’ instead of ‘S’ as the top form. Now, this refers to DAT for everyone, on the other hand a few (“) suffixes” more features / tools “.

2020 Datsun Ready-Geo: What’s New Outside?

The car has got a brand new face and it has almost transformed the overall personality of the car. The previous design wasn’t bad at all, but it didn’t go right out when parked next to cars that looked very different, like the Hyundai Eon, Chevrolet Beat and Mahindra E2O. Now it is. Sadly, the other three cars are no longer here to be complicated. That said, the new Ready-Geo looks isolated. Of course, like you, I also see the new car in the pictures so far, but as far as the first effects go, I can say it makes a good one.

Datsun Ready-GeoDatsun

Also, the new Ready-Geo has now got 14-inch wheels and these are standard in all forms. As a result, the already 185 mm best-in-segment ground clearance increased by two mm. Now 187 mm. LED foglamps and LED taillights turn off major new features outside. The car had LED DRLs from day one, but now they are so big that even the brightest car-accessory shop owners will be stunned.

Two new colors have been added as well: Sandstone Brown and Vivid Blue. Blade Silver, Bronze Gray, Opal White and Fire Red are other colors.

2020 Datsun Ready-Geo: What’s new inside?

Datsun Ready-Geo Interior

2020 Datsun Ready-Geo InteriorDatsun

The most important addition to the interior is the new dashboard which ultimately looks premium. Newer and larger (8 inches), the touchscreen also supports. The infotainment system features voice recognition and is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Adding a screen meant Datsun could also give the car a rear camera (including a projection guide), and it did.

2020 Datsun Ready-Geo Dashboard

2020 Datsun Ready-Geo DashboardDatsun

Well, it’s long and short. The engine and gearbox combos remain the same and all variants are now compatible with BS6. Datsun is also offering a two year / unlimited km standard warranty which can be extended up to five years at an “attractive” price of Rs 1850. Well, it’s really attractive. Also, it is throwing in a free subscription to the side of the road for two years. Both warranty and roadside support services can be availed in more than 1500 cities.

2020 Datsun Ready-Geo Price List

Datsun Ready-Geo price

2020 Datsun Ready-Geo Price ListDatsun

Ready-Geo mainly competes with Maruti Suzuki Alto and Renault Quid.

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