NFL players challenge the league in the Black Lives Matter video

Sakon Berkeley, Sterling Shepard and Jamal Adams, an NGL player, joined a number of players in a social media video, urging the league to “listen to your players” and take action to defend black life after the death of George Floyd.

The Giants and Jets stars joined the video on Thursday night – which transfers from player to player – Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahoms, returning to Cowboy Ezekiel Elliott, Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and others were black in response to Floyd, a white man on May 25 in Minneapolis. Was killed at the hands of officers.

The league issued a statement on May 30 and additional social media posts on Thursday are addressing the issue. The players, who did not mention the name of Commissioner Roger Goodell, wanted to hear more.

“On behalf of the National Football League, we, the players, want to hear what you have to say,” the players said in the video. “We condemn the National Football League racism and the systematic oppression of blacks. We have admitted to the National Football League the mistake of preventing our players from protesting peacefully. We believe in the National Football League Black Lives Matter. “

The video features Cardinals star D’Andre Hopkins and Patrick Peterson, Texan quarterback Deshan Watson, Browns receiver Jarvis Landry, Redskins defensive lineman Chase Young, Saints wide receivers Michael Thomas and Patriot Seferf.

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Sakon Berkeley, Jamal Adams, Sterling ShepardGetty Images (2), Anthony J. Kausi

It asks the league how many times we need to ask you “to listen to your players”? They say they will not be silenced, demand their “right to peaceful protest” and they are Floyd.

“What do you need? Is there one to kill by police brutality? “What if I were George Floyd?” The players say.

The NOFL went further Thursday in addition to Godell’s original statement, noting the commitment to “continue the important work of resolving these procedural issues together with our players, clubs and partners”. In a Twitter post on the league’s official account before the players’ videos were released, the league said: “This is a time of self-reflection for everyone – the NFLO is no exception. We are with the black community because Black is a live matter.

In subsequent posts, the league stated that it supported programs to combat systemic racism and planned to provide an additional 20 million in grants for these reasons, but knew that “we can do more.”

The post came after Saints quarterback Drew Bryce, who has angered teammates and players around the NFL by saying, “Never agree with anyone who disrespects the flag.” Apologies, Adams didn’t, the apology tweets were “bull-t”.

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