Noah Cindergard has been isolated about the NYC landlord dispute

You can believe that Mets Coles Noah Cindergard will see his landlord in court!

Cindergard tried to set a straightforward record on Twitter in a heated debate with his landlord on Saturday – who claimed the 227-year-old athlete had signed up for the $ 27,000-a-month Tribeca penthouse that failed to pay any rent.

The landlord is pushing for an eight-month lease signed by Hillary in February to honor Cindergard.

“I, in fairness and in good faith, offered to pay a landlord 2 months’ rent (over 50K) that I would never set foot on because of any global epidemic that had so severely affected the residents of NYC.” Cindergard started his Twitter miss miss.

The Mets star, nicknamed Thar, said he gave timely notice so the 116-Hudson St. homeowner could try to re-rent the two-bedroom double.

The landlord – who claims the deal is a deal – filed a lawsuit against Cindergard, who is successfully recovering from a Florida rehabilitation facility after Tomo John’s surgery, it was revealed Friday.

The lawsuit seeks $ 250,000 for the full value of the lease.

“The landlord tried to extort me for 250K while leaking this story to the media, and I’m a bad guy? Well okay. You’ll be seen in court,” Cindergard threatened Saturday.

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