North Carolina coronavirus cases have risen further ahead of the GOP conference

North Carolina is growing steadily in new coronavirus cases as President Trump calls on the state to arrange a full-fledged Republican conference.

The number of infected residents continues to rise in North Carolina, where Republicans plan to hold their national convention for two years this August.

There are 24,418 confirmed cases in the state, with 1,600 new infections reported on Friday – the largest one-day increase in North Carolina, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Trump is still the Democratic Govt. Roy Cooper urged the Republican National Convention to allow Charlotte Spectrum Center to pack for the event. The president tweeted on Monday threatening to remove the convention if Cooper did not cooperate.

On Tuesday, Cooper said he was still discussing the logistics of the conference with Republicans. His administration has demanded a written security plan from conference organizers and has rejected Trump’s tweet, saying he was “not surprised by anything that happened on Twitter.”

“We’ve asked them to present a plan on paper that we’ve already discussed options,” Cooper said. We have to have options. “

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, which includes Charlotte, has recorded nearly 3,400 coronavirus cases – more than double the next highest county.

There’s Cooper The state lockdown has been easyHowever, restaurants are allowing customers to eat inside. But the governor, like other states, has stopped the lockdown, still banning gatherings at venues, bars and gyms.

Trump underlined on Tuesday that Cooper was deliberately slow to reopen and said he could look for alternatives if he did not get “confirmation within a week” from the Republican National Committee.

“We have a governor who doesn’t want to open this state,” Trump said. “He’s acting very, very slowly and very suspiciously.”

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