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Virgin Galactic will launch Richard Branson and 3 corporation workers to the edge of space on the morning of Sunday, July 11th. The corporation is promising quite a exhibit for the mission: Stephen Colbert will host the mission’s livestream, singer-songwriter Khalid will reportedly execute a new one live onstage following the spaceplane’s landing, and Branson has reported he’ll “announce some thing extremely exciting” immediately after his spaceflight.

The flight marks just one of the company’s ultimate take a look at missions before it aims to kick off professional room tourism business enterprise upcoming 12 months. The mission, dubbed Unity 22, will mark Virgin Galactic’s fourth flight to space carrying human beings, with its most significant crew but. Four persons, such as Branson, will test the astronaut cabin expertise, and two pilots will be in the cockpit.

The action will start off when Virgin Galactic’s twin-fuselage WhiteKnight provider plane can take off from Spaceport The usa, the company’s spaceport in New Mexico on Sunday early morning. The WhiteKnight plane, VMS Eve, will carry a rocket-powered spaceship called VSS Unity, with Branson and many others on board. About 40 minutes soon after takeoff, Unity will fall from the middle of the mothership and ignite its rocket engine moments later on to send Branson and the crew to the edge of area, about 55 miles superior, for a few minutes of weightlessness. Unity will return to a landing strip at Spaceport The us, a great deal like any regular business plane.

Unity 22 is a significant stage ahead for Virgin Galactic’s ambitions for room tourism, a burgeoning marketplace catered to rich journey-seekers. The firm, begun in 2004, has presently marketed about 600 tickets, with just about every ticket likely for close to $250,000. Branson is just just one participant in the billionaire-led race to court docket room travellers. He’s vying with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, which aims to start passengers on its suborbital New Shepard rocket, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which designs to put visitors in its orbital Crew Dragon capsule for a lengthier and a lot more highly-priced experience in house.

Sunday’s mission has also been surrounded by an increasingly spicy air of competitiveness with Bezos. Virgin Galactic introduced Branson’s spaceflight a couple weeks right after Blue Origin introduced it would ship Bezos to area on July 20th. Then, Blue Origin announced it’d also fly Wally Funk on its July 20th mission, an aviator who to begin with planned to fly on Virgin Galactic’s spaceship 1st. Branson denies his new flight date was intended to beat Bezos to space he explained to The Washington Submit very last week it was just a “wonderful coincidence that we’re likely up in the exact same month.”

Watch Virgin Galactic’s livestream beginning at 9AM ET on Sunday on its Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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