OnePlus 8 Pro’s X-ray camera disabled in India; The privacy issue will be reached after the address

OnePlus concept oneIBTimes In

OnePlus concept oneIBTimes In

The OnePlus 8 Pro was launched with some interesting upgrades, but a feature that caught everyone’s attention for both good and bad is a special camera mode, which allows its users to see through opaque objects. Isn’t that great? When some initial reviewers found that X-ray vision was also seen through clothing. OnePlus has therefore decided to disable the color filter in India and all buyers will get the phone without the unique (and somewhat awesome) features during the OnePlus 8 Pro sale.

The OnePlus 8 Pro’s color filter is a neat party strategy as long as no one uses it responsibly. Using it to scan with clothes is just awful. OnePlus did the right thing to disable it to avoid being at the center of controversy, but some fans who really wanted to test this feature might be disappointed that their TV remote or Apple TV is inside the box. Okay, not too long.

OnePlus 8 ProOnePlus

OnePlus will enable the feature soon

OnePlus is working on a way to address the issue of privacy before activating the X-ray camera feature on the OnePlus 8 Pro in its Indian units. Android Central reports that OnePlus will enable the feature via this OTA update, which will launch later this month.

To address the issue of privacy, the OnePlus X-ray camera can increase the distance required for the 5MP camera module to work on the filter, which only works close to an object.

OnePlus 8 Pro camera

OnePlus 8 Pro cameraOnePlus

It looks like the OnePlus 8 Pro will be on sale and buyers will be ready for the camera feature as soon as they get their hands on the phone. If not here’s a new product just for you!

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