Ozars Party’s Lake tested positive for the coronavirus

Lake Wonder, a catch-on-video pool party at Memorial Day Overs, has tested positive for the coronavirus, one of the revelations, it was released on Friday.

Officials said he was already ill when he or she joined the fun at a non-communal distance, officials said – and so the virus could have spread to others there.

“The case arrived here on Saturday and the illness developed on Sunday, so the illness was probably during the visit and probably contagious,” he said. The Camden County Health Department said in a press release.

Officials also released a timeline of the infected party’s activities to help find people who could come in contact with them.

A resident of nearby Boone County, an unidentified person has denied the state’s social distance order to engage in their fraudulent activities. A bar called Backwater Jacks – Where they stay from 1 to 5 on Saturdays.

The partner then spent some time at the waterfront restaurant and live music venue. Pool of shady gators and lazy gators Until 9 a.m.

On Sunday, the carjacker had lunch at the Buffalo Wild Wings before returning to the Shady Gators – leaving at about 5 p.m.

Camden County has not filed any new lawsuits against COVID-19 this week, officials said.

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