Pakistan has passed one lakh coronavirus cases

Cemetery workers dressed in protective clothing carry a coffin at the Recanto da Paz cemetery in the municipality of Brave, Brazil. Tarso Saraf / AFP / Getty Images

Coronavirus related cases and deaths With Latin America is growing faster than anywhere else in the world. And in the most affected countries, they show no signs of abating. The region has a record of about 1.2 million cases and more than 60,000 deaths.

“We are particularly concerned about Central and South America, where many countries are experiencing severe epidemics,” World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gherbayasis said Wednesday.

The WHO does not believe that either Central or South America has reached the final stage of infection, which means the number of sick and dying people will continue to rise.

Brazil is stuck in crisis mode. The country At least 645,771 coronaviruses and 35,026 deaths have been recorded.

It has recently surpassed Italy to become the third highest death toll in the world and will soon surpass the UK.

Mexico has recorded the worst week of its outbreak, Both confirmed cases and death cases.

It recorded more than a thousand deaths in a single day for the first time. And three days in a row it records one-day highs in new cases.

Despite the anti-message and anti-message messages of the simple leaders, the officials have come forward with plans to reopen in phases across the country.

Peru has the worst outbreak in Latin America. It has 187,400 cases, the second highest in the region behind Brazil.

People in the town of Calao lined up for hours this week to refill their oxygen tanks. However, once they reached the front of the line, the relatives of Kovid-19 patients got skyrocketing prices.

Success stories in Uruguay. The country of about 3.5 million people borders Brazil, which is the most prevalent in Latin America.

However, Uruguay has recorded only 834 cases. It has recorded one death since May 24 and a total of 23 people have died.

Experts say the reasons for the country’s success are many – an individual response that is a separate and effective system of separate, infected, randomized testing systems and crisis response committees.

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