Passengers from Maharashtra will now get Home Quarantine of the day: DGP Karnataka

On Sunday, the Karnataka DGP tweeted that people from Maharashtra to Karnataka would have to go through the now-day Institutional Quarantine (IQ) and then the more days Home Quarantine (HQ).

According to Karnataka DGP, IPS officer Praveen Sood’s tweet, passengers traveling from Maharashtra to the state will have to stay under institutional quarantine (IQ) for days as opposed to the full 14-day HQ requirement for passengers from all other states.

Not all passengers traveling in the state are required to take the test. Only those with 19 Kavid symptoms are required to be tested. (Representative image)Livemint

Rules of segregation for passengers from high-risk states

This is in line with the rules regarding passengers coming from high-risk states like Maharashtra and Rajasthan and Karnataka. As a rule, passengers in high-risk states must be subject to a prescribed hospital-day institutional segregation at their own expense. They will then have to stay at home quarantine for the next 7 days.

As Maharashtra has the highest number of coronavirus cases as on May 31, with more than 23,000 confirmed cases, the Karnataka government has taken special security measures to keep passengers away from Maharashtra.

For all other people traveling from non-high-risk states, the rules require a 14-day home quarantine upon arrival in the state.

Not everyone will take QWID 19 swab test at airports / railway stations

DGP Karnataka

In addition, not all passengers traveling in the state are required to take the test. Only those with 19 Kavid symptoms are required to be tested.

The center has eased resistance to revival of economic activity across various sectors and allowed more businesses to resume their activities, thus increasing the movement of people and the number of products.

Workers stranded in different parts of the country have started returning to their places. Most of the people are traveling internationally, most of them from high risk states, coming and going to Karnataka. The Karnataka government has taken strict measures to control the carnivirus due to the risk of transmission during transit.

The government has made rules for segregation depending on the source of the state from which the person has traveled and his location in Karnataka.

Exemption for pregnant women, senior citizens

Children under the age of ten, pregnant women, terminally ill patients and citizens over the age of 60 are exempted from institutional segregation if they have a negative test of arrival in the state.

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