Pentagon’s deputy inspector general resigns, latest surveillance to exit administration

A Pentagon staffer who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media said he had not been asked to resign. Still, Trump last month replaced Fine instead of letting him remain in the job until he was nominated for a permanent role as acting director general of the Pentagon, a move that showed the Coronavirus Accountability Review leadership was an attempt to undermine his leadership.

According to Dondi’s IG’s spokeswoman Dwarena Allen, the final resignation took effect on June 1.

“Both the Inspector General of the Judiciary and the Acting Inspector General of the DOD and the Principal Deputy Inspector General have been honored to serve in the Inspector General’s community,” Fine said in a statement. . “The role of Inspector Generals is a strength of our government system. They provide independent oversight to help them conduct government activities in a transparent manner.”

“These are an important part of our check and balance system and I am grateful to be part of that arrangement. Many years after the DOJ and DOD OIG, I believe it is time for me to resign and allow others to play this important role. I want DOD OIG and the Inspector General to continue to succeed in this important role for men and women in the community. ”

Mattis called the resignation “regrettable.”

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis praised Fine and said his resignation was “regrettable” in a statement to CNN.

“It is very sad to see so many skilled, non-partisan patriots and government employees leaving government service. Mr Glenn Fine has presented what he deserves to work hard to keep the government honest and responsive. He will miss out,” Mattis said. .

Fine resigned following Trump’s dismissal Inspector General of State Earlier this month, Steve Linick, the latest in a series of dismissals of independent government observers in the wake of the president’s acquittal in an impeachment article.

Trump has now fired or fired multiple inspector generals since the Senate vacated them in early February, including dismissing intelligence chief Michael Atkinson late Friday, telling Congress about the whistleblower allegations that the impeachment process has begun.

CNN has previously reported that the president has long been determined to override the administration of government guards he sees as loyal to Obama, and now appears to be working toward that goal.

The sequence of events reflects a vague view of Trump’s government oversight, especially when it presents inconvenient information. Trump, who expects loyalty from every corner of his administration, has often referred to the work of IG offices as a “deep state” – to weaken a politically motivated permanent bureaucracy.

Earlier, several sources told CNN that Trump had been trying to remove longtime career official Fine as he was being held by the Obama administration. These efforts were further intensified after the epidemic was chosen by the epidemic to prevent “waste, fraud and misuse” in the use of cornovirus relief funds.

In the coronavirus, Trump used the opportunity to clean up a long-awaited official watchdog.

However, he was unable to chair the Fine and Epidemic Monitoring Committee, a position he held before he was removed from the post of IG of the DOD and effectively demoted to a sub-role because the position is limited to the Inspector General or the Acting Inspector General.

At the time, a Defense Department spokesman did not explain why Fine was removed from the post of acting inspector general, but explained that he was no longer eligible to serve on the accountability committee.

Trump resisted supervision

In fact, much of the oversight over the relief package was a waiver for Trump, who resisted Democratic efforts to create the commission and then overturned any real authority, including a statement signed with the bill.

“My administration will not consider this provision to be horticultural but mandatory,” the president wrote.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN’s Anderson Cooper last month that removing Fine was a “problem” and hinted that the president would take responsibility for overseeing how relief money for “some of his loyalists” would be spent.

“It’s really a problem,” he said, adding that Trump believes he can oversee the implementation of the stimulus package and is “sending some of his loyalists.”

Many in the IG and Whistleblower community believe that the most at risk are the career officials of the Epidemic Response Committee, DJ IG Michael Horowitz, who also heads the IG’s panel with the power to chair that committee.

While Horowitz remains in his role, current and former officials have warned that whatever decision Trump makes, it could change through a single tweet. Congressional sources and Justice Department officials told CNN that Hillary Clinton and the president’s campaign could help protect her.

Grassley, a South Carolina, and Republican Sen., officials noted. Horwitz has received high scores from key lawyers, including Lindy Graham, and has a good relationship with Attorney General William Barr.

Vivian Salama of CNN contributed to this report.

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