People ‘stoned to death’ in historic UK castle base

A man was “stoned to death” while walking to the base of a historic historic castle in the UK this week, a new report says.

Local authorities were watching the news of the release of a “chaos” at Lingsstone Castle in Einsford around 5:20 p.m. Locals identified the body of a man in the 1960s when they found him on Thursday As Charles Hilder, According to the Guardian.

Hilder was pronounced dead at the scene.

A Kent police spokesman told the paper that “rocks were being thrown” and that the victim “may have been involved in a dispute with two boys or teenagers near a lake in the field.”

But Grammy Award-winning lyricist Victoria Horn, who lives nearby, Metro UK says That victim “just went out for a walk and they stoned him to death.”

“I’m just walking my dog ​​here and now I’m really anxious to get him out,” she said.

    Police forensic officers at Lullington Stone Castle in Einsford, Kent, where a man was killed after receiving reports of a riot on Thursday evening.
Police forensic officers at Lullington Stone Castle in Einsford, Kent, said one person had died after receiving reports of unrest in the field on Thursday

A secluded village in the vicinity of a 15th-century castle – a popular tourist destination featuring a 15-acre lake and various gardens – has seen a recent spate of communal behavior during the coronavirus lockdown, locals told British media.

A villager told The Guardian that a local cricket club manager had been threatened earlier this week by a group of young men with “broken bottles”.

“It’s a completely bad incident and it scared the lives of the people out there one afternoon,” he said.

Stephen, a resident of the jury, wrote a letter to local Conservative MP Laura Trott, saying “there have been a number of incidents over the past week or so,” The Guardian reported.

“Why does an innocent die to do something?” He asked. “I only feel for this poor family, but something like this was coming!”

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