Pet owner complains of ‘animal cruelty’ for giving ice cream to his cat in viral video

It’s cold.

A pet owner photographed the gift Her cat ice cream For the first time, there has been some reaction on Twitter, where the video was posted earlier this week.

The 11-second clip has been viewed nearly 400,000 times since it was posted.

“I think we should all try this cat using ice cream for the first time,” the post reads.

In the video, a man holds a spoon with a small dollop of ice cream on the back edge. He holds the treat close to his cat, which immediately falls backwards with a lick, seemingly pulling the ice cream out of his mouth or off his fur where it has landed somewhat.

The man tries to remove the ice cream, but the cat keeps his face away.

Although some Got funny videos And wrote that they wanted Try it with their own cats, Mostly issued with it, the short video has been claimed to be “animal cruelty”.

Many Twitter users accused the owner of intentionally freezing the cat’s brain, which is probably not too far away.

Amy Cousino, Veterinarian and Sebastian, Ph.D. The owner of the Mayo Cat Clinic of its cats, The Washington Post reported In 2016 – when videos of frozen cats in the brain were the norm – deliberately giving your cat ice cream reduced brain frost “is quite unhealthy for cats”.

“Cats have a very nervous path [to humans], “He said.

Eric Daftary, veterinarian and medical director at The Cat practice in New York, did not immediately ban the practice, claiming that “little research has been done on frostbite-free brain frost,” warning that ice cream can cause gastrointestinal problems in most cats.

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